My Painting: Blue Sock Landscape Number One

This work and its pendant were wedding presents for a young lady who twenty years earlier I had written the original Manfred Wing adventures for!  Apologies for the quality of the photo, I took it too quickly moments before the work was collected.


Blue Sock Landscape Number One

Blue Sock Landscape Number One




The Trouble With Teenage Zombies!

I had words with Mina over last night’s hand holding dalliance with a naked man – even if he was a statue. She still hasn’t spoken but made it known in her quaint Eighteenth Century handwriting that she wouldn’t hold his hand in future and then gave me a huge hug from within her coffin. I think the little minx is being devious but I let it rest.

Later on I had to take the cat to the vet for a check up; she very kindly gave him a thorough internal examination but luckily I managed to get her out again.

When I Draw Back The Curtains Why Do I always Get A Shock

I have seen it all now! I drew back the curtains last night after the girlfriend tried to strangle me with the television cable (I must remember not to change channels when she is watching the adverts) and I got a real shock. Mina was walking down our back garden hand in hand with the stone statue from across the road. He was obviously enjoying himself – I know now why our neighbour only needs a small clothes line!

More Mina Complaints

The lady opposite us came over today to complain about Mina walking on water across their garden pond – I was tempted to say it would have been worse if she had parted it and road a chariot across but I thought had better not as her husband is on the council and they may put the council tax up!

The pond is almost as big as our entire garden with a marble statue of an ancient Greek wrestler stuck in the middle. I don’t think that is the reason Mina is attracted there although he doesn’t have any clothes on. I think the lady’s name is Smith; it can’t be Jones as that is who she is try to keep up with.

Metamorphosis On The Door Step

A bit of a disaster as the girlfriend began to change right in front of the lady next door – I don’t think it is anything I have said this time. I made a joke about catching a girl without her makeup on but no one laughed (our neighbour hasn’t had much of a sense of humour since I accidentally crashed through her new conservatory roof while trying to perfect my landing skills).

I did remember my manners and asked her in for a cup of tea but for some reason she declined and promptly ran down the path screaming. By then the hair from the girlfriend’s bosom reached her waist (I will have to suggest she puts it in pony tails – a couple of pretty bows and I don’t expect anyone will notice). Her nails were long and scimitar sharp – not much change there then – although I have to admit four inch long canines do seem a bit excessive. She started to howl uncontrollably but I consoled myself with the thought of a nice kiss and cuddle tonight – until the moon goes down at least.