Photographic Sequence: Splash Path

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Sculpture (of sorts!): The Death Of Lorca

At the end of the Eighties I started to work on a series of sculptures with the generic title of “The Firing Squad” with the first work in the sequence consisting of a row of bulbs on a large panel that flashed when the spectator stood in front of them.  I don’t think I ever completed it but rather reluctantly moved onto creating metal variants of the theme including this one (the welding was done by a family friend) which is basically a horizontal version reduced in size. It never really worked but perversely it is the only piece left extant.  It was exhibited only once under the also only once used pseudonym of Peter Whitty.  Incidentally I exhibited other sculptures in the same exhibition under the equally spurious name of Alan Hendricks!

For some reason I photographed the work upside down – the holes should be at the top!  I would be very grateful if you stood on your head when viewing it!

Death Of Lorca

Death Of Lorca

Death Of Lorca

Death Of Lorca

Two Early Experimental Pictures (1977-1978)

During the latter part of the Seventies, when I had taken a break from painting, I wrote continuously; creating experimental poetry, prose and plays.  These two pictures continue the experiments onto wall hanging works.  The top one has text taken from the local telephone directory written on top of a papier mache relief and the bottom one is in the style of the myriads of sketch book pages produced at the time which combined text and imagery to create a new type of poetry.

Tumulus - A New English Landscape

Tumulus – A New English Landscape

School Room Study

School Room Study

Paintings: Two Very Early Works

These were painted at the end of Nineteen Seventy Six when I was moving away from surreal paintings combining the influence of Chagall and Dali to something more experimental.  I only did a handful, not many of which are still extant, and didn’t really return to this sort of format until my digital experiments earlier this year.

Temporary Title - This

Temporary Title – This


Temporary Title - Man And His Good Works

Temporary Title – Man And His Good Works