Because of pressure of work – I am working on a number of large scale projects at the present time – I have decided to combine this blog with my main WordPress visual arts blog:  I am very sorry for any inconvenience caused but I cannot keep up with my workload at the moment.

Incidentally I am in the process of reducing the number of my literary blogs too.  Some of these will remain until the end of the year but my main literary blog will now be:

Another consequence of this rationalising of my time is I have killed off all my pseudonyms – most of which had separate artistic careers.  There was eight of us all together – initially four but all the pseudonyms wanted pseudonyms of their own! – which is a bit frightening as some of them covered art styles I didn’t really want to associate Gerald Shepherd with!  Very dramatic times ahead I fear!

Thank you so much for all those who have followed this (and/or other blogs) over the years.  I truly appreciate it.  I hope you find my Ionist Art Blog of interest!


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