Manfred Wing: The Explanation

Manfred Wing has been around since 1975 (his named comes partly from a Jimi Hendrix song entitled Little Wing) and was originally a pseudonym I painted under.  In those days I had a decidedly hippified and left of centre political attitude (which I suspect I still have) and painted in a surreal style which combined influences of Dali, Picasso and Chagall.  Although I destroyed most of my early work I returned to this painting style at the beginning of this Century still using the Manfred Wing name and he had a large number of exhibitions – mainly, it has to be said, in combination with my other work.

To complicate things somewhat, Manfred Wing – along with all my other pseudonyms – appear in my diverse writings.  This blog actually started as rather far out stories about Manfred, who had somehow developed superhuman powers (and a girlfriend who turned into a werewolf!)  but unfortunately because I was a bit short of time quickly metamorphosed into the daily photograph format it has at the moment.  Next year I am hoping to combine text and photographs and possibly even reintroduce a literary element.

Anyway thank you very much for your interest.


Gerald Shepherd F.F.P.S.

September 2014